2017 Fall Fundraiser FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions

For Radiotopia Live NYC Giveaway Questions, see below

I donated in November, it’s now 2018 and I haven’t received my reward yet, have you forgot about me?

No of course not! We sent you an email in early December with a reward link, and unique code you could redeem your rewards with. If you never received your email or cannot find it, please send us an email at donations@prx.org

If you’re worried your order did not go through, check your inbox for an an email confirmation from thomas@chopshopstore.com. If you can’t find your receipt, send us an email and we’ll help ease your worried mind.

I just redeemed my reward, why will it take so long to get to me Doesn’t Radiotopia have thousands of rewards sitting around? Why do I have to redeem my reward by April 15th, 2018?

Great questions! First, most of our campaign rewards can take 4 to 8 weeks to get from our suppliers to Chop Shop’s warehouse. In addition, we order in bulk so ordering one set of socks from our supplier isn’t feasible.

Regarding shipping times: our suppliers are working hard to get us your gear as soon as possible.

What do these merit badge stickers really look like and how do they work?

We had our friend Tom over at Chop Shop make custom merit badge stickers for each Radiotopia show. We think they look pretty cool.

I don’t live in the United States - Will my reward be shipped to me? Why do I have to pay for shipping?

Yes! Of course we’ll send you your Radiotopia gear! However, international shipping can get quite pricey and we want to put as much of your donation as possible towards supporting the shows you love, so we do ask you to pay for part of your shipping.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes, PRX is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

2017 Fundraiser Questions

Do I need to sew or iron on my Radiotopia Citizen Patch?

No, our embroidered Radiotopia Citizenship Patch has an adhesive back, so you can stick it wherever you want. If the adhesive gets wet, the patch may peel off whenever it's placed. You won't want to try to machine stitch through the adhesive backing, the glue is thick and may damage sewing needles.

When will rewards be shipped?

We know you’re excited to show off your awesome Radiotopia gear around town! We’ve sent most rewards out already, but if you’ve recently redeemed in March/April 2018, fulfillment will take between 2 to 8 weeks. This is because we have to make new orders with our suppliers.

Can I choose two of the same reward for ‘Pick 2’?

Absolutely! You can select any combination that involves the: Radiotopia Camping Mug, T-Shirt, Socks, and Patch, including: Mug/Mug, Sock/Sock, etc.

I started to donate many moons ago. I then began another donation in 2017. How can I combine my donations?

To start off, you’re a rockstar and we love you! We really appreciate the fact that you donate monthly, more than once! This helps us keep the lights on and grow our amazing Radiotopia team. We're happy to consolidate your monthly donations - just send us a quick email and include as much info as possible so we can help you out! Contact us here.

Can I buy challenge coins from previous years? We know they’re shiny and you love them… We do too! However, the 99 PI challenge coin is no longer available.

If you have recently found your redemption code from previous campaigns and never redeemed it, please send an email to rewards@prx.org and we’ll send your coin to you.

How do I edit my info, increase my donation amount or cancel my monthly donation?

Use the link in your email donation receipt - sent from support@commitchange.com - to change your address, increase your donation, or cancel your monthly donation. If you don’t have the link, submit a request to us and we'll sort it out.

How long will my credit card be charged?

When you sign up as a monthly donor, the donation automatically recurs on the same day each month unless it’s canceled or the card expires. You can add an end date using the link in your emailed donation receipt.

I don’t live in the United States - can I still donate? Can I donate with my home country’s currency?

Yes! We accept international donations. Unfortunately, our payment platform only accepts donations in U.S. dollars. If you are incurring high monthly conversion fees from your bank, our recommendation is to make a one-time donation that covers your annual donation.

Can I donate with Paypal?

While we have accepted Paypal in the past, we no longer accept payment through Paypal due to high fees.

Is there any way for me to share my donation on social media? Yes - after you submit the donation, there are options to share your donation on Facebook or Twitter.

What is RadioPublic?

RadioPublic is a podcast app that helps you discover new shows and keep up with your favorites. RadioPublic has its very own Podcast Librarian who creates podcast playlists across all kinds of topics, including Radiotopia’s best episodes. RadioPublic is free and available for Android and iPhone. Learn more about RadioPublic here.

Where does my money go?

Listen to the audio below to hear Helen Zaltzman interview Roman Mars and Hrishikesh Hirway about how they’ve used fundraiser money in the past.

Additional Rewards & Shipping Questions

Can I provide a separate shipping address?

Please submit a message and label the subject: ‘Address Change’ as soon as possible. We’ll get that updated before we ship!

You didn’t ask me what gender-style or size t-shirt I wanted!?

You’re right! When you redeem your reward with the email we sent you, you’ll have the option of choosing your size, but not your gender, as the shirts are unisex.

How do I redeem my reward?

In December 2017, we sent an email to the account associated with your donation. As it sometimes happens, emails bounced or filtered by high-tech spam blockers, or perhaps you unsubscribed from Radiotopia emails. In any event, the email we sent included instructions and a custom code to redeem your reward. So, check your inbox, promotions folders, etc. for an email from rewards@radiotopia.fm. If you don’t find it there, please forward us your donation receipt to donations@prx.org of and we’ll be sure to get you your code.

Can I just buy the Radiotopia Mug/Socks/Patch/Shirt elsewhere?

All of these rewards are limited to our 2017 Fall Campaign, but if that changes you'll be the first to know!

I made a donation but did not receive a receipt, what happened?

Sometimes donation receipts are automatically filed in your spam folder, or you might have keyed in the wrong email address, or they just get lost in the interwebs. To request your donation receipt via email, please submit a request.

I made several donation attempts and received an error message, how do I know if my donation went through?

A: You should receive a donation receipt via email confirming your transaction was successful. If not, or if you fear you were charged multiple times, please submit a request.

I didn’t get my reward from the 2016 Radiotopia campaign!

Really? We totally thought we got everyone!

All orders for the 2016 campaign were shipped long ago, but we did encounter a few shipping problems. If you’re still waiting for yours, please submit a request and include your information, reward, email, and address. We’ll check our warehouse for a return with your name on it and get back to you.

I changed my address since making my donation, who should I contact?

Please submit a change of address request and label the subject: ‘Address Change’ as soon as possible, and we’ll get that updated before we ship!

Can I donate to individual shows outside of an annual fundraiser? You can make a donation through the show’s individual website or go to Radiotopia.fm and click on the square image of the show's logo.

Radiotopia Live 2017 Giveaway

As part of our 2017 fundraiser, we gave away a trip to NYC to see Radiotopia Live. Our lucky winner is: Jo Lee! She's a software designer who loves a good sticker, and she can't wait to get her Radiotopia sticker set so she can have the coolest laptop at her office. Jo and her husband are avid listeners of 99% Invisible, and they decided to donate after listening to "Coal Hogs Work Safe," which describes the stickers coal miners put on their helmets. From Jo: "Winning is exciting, but I'm really thankful for what you guys make and the program you put out."