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The creators of the popular podcast, Criminal, surprised everyone when they turned their attention to an investigation of a very different kind: how to be alone, how to live forever, how to wait, how to worry, and yes, how to love.

In Season 3: The Boot, venture to Italy and witness love that’s ancient and ugly and bonded by our collective need for togetherness.

Based in Durham, NC.



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Meet the Creators

Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer


Phoebe Judge is the host of Criminal. Previously, she was a host at WUNC North Carolina Public Radio, a producer for The Story with Dick Gordon, and a reporter based in the gulf coast of Mississippi. She covered the BP oil spill and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for Mississippi Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio. Phoebe’s work has won multiple Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards. She attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

Lauren Spohrer is the co-creator of Criminal. Previously, she was a producer at NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday and Bryant Park Project, and APM’s The Story with Dick Gordon. She has a Master’s degree in fiction writing from Columbia University, and is the founder of the online literary magazine Two Serious Ladies.

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