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Al Letson and Willie Evans Jr. are back with season two of Errthang! After a long hiatus, the dynamic duo returns to tell stories, and have a good time. This season Letson and Evans focus on stories and interviews about fatherhood, the political unrest in the country, and ruminations on love. It’s a wild, fun ride with a lot of heart and depth.

Errthang is produced and hosted by Al Letson, with co-host and music supervisor Willie Evans Jr., show systemizer Brie Burge and actor Jason Stephens. Check out season one here.

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Episode #8 – Songs in the Key of Our Lives

Al and Willie wrap up the season right where they started – with each other. After 30 years of friendship, their origin story is finally revealed.

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Episode #7 – John Coffey Refuses to Save the World: Part Two

John Coffey doesn’t want to be Magical Negro anymore and the universe trembles in the aftershock of his decision. All John wants is a story all his own; a history deeper than him just saving white people. John sets out to find that story with the help of his fellow Magical Negroes and his creator, Stephen King.

This episodes features Larry Knight (as John Coffey), David Girard (Legba), Jason Stephens (God with a little g), Toni Lang Philips (Mother Abigail), Steven Anderson (Bagger Vance), Bill Ratliff (Stephen King), Brooks Anne (Clerk


Episode #6 – John Coffey Refuses to save the world: Part One

In this episode, Errthang takes on radio drama. John Coffey waits to play his part in The Green Mile in the room of Magical Negroes. With him are other Magical Negroes: Mother Abigail, Bagger Vance, and God (with a Little g). When John learns the nature of his power, he doesn’t want to be magical anymore and refuses to go. But everyone has to play their part, or the universe might fall apart. John Coffey and the rest of the Magical Negroes wrestle with question; are we all destined to play the roles we are cast?

This episodes features Larry Knight (as John Coffey), David Girard (Legba), Jason Stephens (God with a little g), Toni Lang Philips (Mother Abigail), Steven Anderson (Bagger Vance), Bill Ratliff (Stephen King), Brooks Anne (Clerk).


Episode #5 – How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America

This episode features Kiese Laymon’s memoir about growing up as a young black man in the South. The piece is performed by a small group of young black men who Al mentored in their youth.

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episode #4 – The Good Guy Myth

Al goes deep exploring the "good guy’s” relationship to the #MeToo movement, through a story about his old friend, Louis. After the story, Al sits down with feminist commentator Kimberly Foster of For Harriet, to talk about the story, Rape Culture, and how to move forward.

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Episode #3 - No Ordinary Love

Al and Willie tell stories about fatherhood. Al’s story is about being a black father to a white kid, while Willie recounts teaching his son how to handle a bully.

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Episode #2 - What the Hell is Wrong with Al?

Al recounts when he went to a protest to report the news, but became the news. Letson saved a right-wing protester from a vicious beating by Antifa. This episode is about why he did it, how it all happened, and how he felt afterwards.

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Episode #1 - 808s and Three Heartbreaks

In episode one of Errthang, Al tells the stories of three excruciating heartbreaks that will leave you laughing.


What is Showcase?

It’s a podcast that features original, limited-run series of all stripes, from emerging and leading producers around the world. Showcase is a way to support independent producers with powerful ideas that are better suited to short-run series, rather than ongoing shows. With Showcase, Radiotopia can support more diverse voices and perspectives, help this work find an appreciative audience, and continue to back the best talent — both new and established — out there. From music philosophy to conspiracy theory, personal stories to fiction, no two Showcase series will sound alike. 

Listen to an introduction to Showcase below, and find out even more about Showcase.

Thanks to Hrishi Hirway for helping inspire and create this project.

Meet the team behind the series


Al Letson & Willie Evans Jr.


Al Letson is a renaissance man. In 2007 he created PRX & NPR’s State of the Re:Union and garnered several accolades, including a Peabody Award. In 2015 Letson joined the CIR to help launch Reveal, public radio’s first hour-long investigative news program, heard on more than 400 stations. As a comic book writer he’s written for DC Comics, and as a playwright/performer his work has been performed Off-Broadway. Al Letson is a storyteller for the new millennium.

Willie Evans Jr. is a founding member of legendary underground hip hop group Asamov. After releasing two solo albums, he moved more toward the digital world with the first audiovisual hip hop project of its kind and was dubbed a new-artform-inventor by music site Looking toward the future, Willie seeks to make more contributions to the advancement of art drawn from hip hop culture.

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