The Heart

The Heart is no longer in active production.

The Heart is a show about love, life, bodies and feelings. With rich sound design, intimate subject matter and a critical lens, the stories on this show ask the important question of our era: What is love?. Based in Brooklyn, NY.




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Kaitlin Prest

Creator & Host

Kaitlin Prest is an audio artist interested in power and love. Since 2008 she has been nurturing The Heart with artists and audio producers like Mitra Kaboli, Samara Breger, Jen Ng and many more. She is known for her ability to use intricate sound design and extremely personal recordings to recreate the comic/tragic reality of romance. In performances and installations, she turns narrative audio into unforgettable live experiences. Her work has been featured at festivals around the world and has recognized by several international awards (Third Coast Gold Award 2016, Prix Italia 2015, Hearsay International 2014). She shares the secrets of the craft in talks and workshops for universities, businesses and conferences worldwide. 

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