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Podcasts are the new listening standard.

More people are listening to podcasts than ever before. An estimated 124 million Americans, aged 12+, have listened to a podcast.

Daily podcast listeners are hooked.

Podcast listeners spend an average of nearly six hours each day consuming audio. Podcasts are their preferred audio source, accounting for nearly 1/3 of their listening.

Podcast listeners 
engage with brands.

Podcast listeners follow companies and brands on social networking sites—including Facebook and Twitter—and use social media more than the average American.

  • Podcast Consumers 12+
  • U.S. Population 12+

Radiotopia listeners are your best potential customers.

Radiotopia's shows embody high-quality content and production, connecting with a young, balanced, highly-educated audience with disposable income.

Sources: 2016 Radiotopia Surveys, September 2016

  The Infinite Dial 2017, Edison Research & Triton Digital. March 2016

Connect with our loyal listeners.

90% of Radiotopia listeners never miss an episode or define themselves a frequent listener.

Sources: 2016 Radiotopia Surveys, September 2016

Radiotopia sponsors get results.


recall sponsor names


hold a positive impression of sponsors


are likely to visit a sponsor’s website


are likely to purchase a product from a podcast sponsor

Sources: 2016 Radiotopia Surveys, September 2016

Over 19 million monthly downloads and counting.

Launched in 2014 with seven shows and under a million monthly downloads, Radiotopia's expanding list of unique podcasts resonate with our growing fanbase.

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Radiotopia's podcasts attract and connect with loyal listeners. Diverse in topic, tone, and production, our shows share a distinctive style, a commitment to exceptional craft, and an entrepreneurial drive. Listen to our audio trailers to hear more!

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